As a presenter, I have hosted live fashion tv for brands such as Shopcade and music showcases for Malibu last Summer; most recently hosting a panel for LFW sponsors, Nivea with guests Vogue Beauty director Anne-Marie Solowij , Cosmopolitan Beauty Director Inge Van Lotringen & Kim Howells during LFW AW’19.


My "Let's Talk" Instagram Live interviews are discussions that aim to educate and support people on different topics/lifestyles/careers in popular culture, that we are interested in.  

We live in an ever-changing World with environmental concerns and fast paced lifestyles, we often get bombarded and overwhelmed with information overload and therefore don’t know where to start in different fields, whether its helping the environment or feeling more in tune with ourselves. With this in mind, Let’s Talk aims to be a platform for people to inform and educate others, encouraging people to understand that their one voice can make a difference.

Why an Instagram Live video?

The show is unique in that you can tune in from anywhere in the World, all you need is your mobile phone! This makes this concept more inclusive and accessible to more people.

Each show is filmed monthly and is then be hosted on my IGTV channel after.

I see “Let’s Talk” as a platform to discuss everyday issues, to support and connect us as a community ubiquitously.